Buttimer Polska


The Buttimer Group includes E. Buttimer & Co. Ltd (Buttimer Ireland) and Buttimer Polska Sp.z o.o.. Buttimer is an Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing and Installation company that specialises in the mechanical handling of dry bulk materials such as grains, coal, biomass and ores. The Group has over thirty years experience supplying first class services to sectors as diverse as agri-industry, ports, mining, pharmaceuticals, malting & brewing, energy, construction, petro-chemicals and industrial processes.

Founded in 1978 by Edward Buttimer in Tipperary, Ireland, primarily to serve the Irish agriculture and dairy industries, the company has since grown and diversified into areas such as pressure vessels and bridges.

In 2005, Buttimer opened a subsidiary in Warsaw, Poland, and has also brought its experience to an increasing range of clients, including companies in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Building on our strong presence in the Irish and Polish markets, Buttimer Bulk Engineering was created around niche expertise, - the mechanical handling of bulk materials - offering engineering services on a wider range of international projects.

Fergal Buttimer