CONFIRMED: Carrantuohill to play Flavours of Ireland 2014

The organiser's of 'Flavours of Ireland' 2014, taking place in February, are delighted to announce that Carrantuohill will be playing live Irish music at the event.

The Polish troubadours of Irish music are sure to add to the atmosphere at the annual gala, held in Warsaw, to celebrate Irish food and drink exports. The band have been playing Celtic music for more than 25 years, to wide acclaim; the late Seamus Heaney himself stated that the concert the group gave during a meeting with readers in Krakow, allowed him to “move to the Green Island with no necessity of travelling…”.

To get more information on the 'Flavours of Ireland' and download the invite, go to the event page.

Carrantuohill band.jpg

IGCC Soccer Tournament won by German Team

The Second Annual IGCC (International Group of Chambers of Commerce) soccer tournament was won this year by a 'Germany 2'! A team representing the German Chamber of Commerce in Poland. The team won after a nerve-racking encounter with the Irish Chamber's side - with cheering fans treated to great goals and near-misses. 

We look forward to resolving the matter at the Euro 2014 IGCC tournament. 

The Irish team won the inaugural inter-chamber competition in 2013. 

irish team 2012.jpg

Two Week Course in Dublin for Irish Knowledge Competition Winner

The Second Annual Irish Knowledge Competition, organised by International House Toruń has been won by Marta Szlaszyńska. The competition, which is sponsored in part by the Irish Chamber of Commerce Poland, was launched last year to link with Irish fans arriving for Euro 2012.

You can see a video documenting the competition here:

Marta will recieve a two weeks laguage and culture course in Dublin this summer in recognition of her achievement.