Archiplanner - Renata & Tomasz Steckiewicz Sp.j.


Address:ul. Alaski 2/5, Józefosław

Phone:+48 22 251 97 93


Tomasz Steckiewicz
+48 22 251 97 93
+48 606 133 001

Renata Steckiewicz
+48 22 251 97 93

MSc. Eng.Arch. Tomasz Steckiewicz – the founder of Archiplaner, project building license without limits, over 10 years of professional experience (worked for: Ashlin Coleman Architects, Dublin; Warsaw Development Planning Office; Przedsiębiorstwo Inżynieryjno-Projektowe Danprojekt Sp. z o.o.; Aqua Invest Sp. z o.o.; until 2010 as a co-founder of Fabryka Projektów Sp. z o.o.), holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Warsaw University of Technology.

Our firm offers services in following scope:

· adaptation of typical projects
· private houses and public buildings interior arrangements
· terrace houses projects
· public buildings projects (among others office and retail buildings)
· block of flats projects
· industrial and infrastructure buildings projects

We lead our clients through the whole process: from the designing of the project with all the branch facilities, through administrative procedures to the author’s supervision and execution. We offer influence on the choice of contractors and negotiating favorable terms of contract.

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