Miller Canfield

Miller Canfield

Can you describe your business?

Comprehensive legal services to foreign and Polish clients covering wide range of areas of business activity.

Why do clients choose your business?

Our experience – stable experienced team, thirty years’ experience gathered and effectively passed to younger generation of lawyers for the benefit of our clients,

Good understanding of client’s business and needs, practical and not “dogmatic” application of the law,

Focusing on business aims of the client,

We are medium size law firm and clients appreciate our effective combination of the advantages of a boutique legal practice (specialization and direct contact of senior lawyers with the client) and a large legal practice (experience and ability to work on very large projects),

Reasonable fee terms/structures – highest quality legal services for reasonable fees (flexible structures, ability to budget up front).

How do you add value to your client's wants and needs?

By providing comfort to clients through demonstrating good understanding of their business and their needs and by goal oriented, practical and pragmatic advice.

“Partnership” approach.

Do you have any new initiatives or promotions coming up?

We wanted to present the following special offer to all fellow members of the Chamber: (i) free consultation on any legal topic with Miller Canfield’s team comprising on partner and lawyer specialist in given area, (ii) 25% discount on the other legal services during 2021.

We encourage and invite members to follow us on LinkedIn where we are publishing interesting and current posts concerning legal and tax aspects of business in Poland.

We offer legal support to any initiatives of the Chamber, both in terms of advising the Chamber itself as well as in the initiatives addressed to the members (e.g. coverage of the legal topics during webinars).

Does your Business have any surprising facts or interesting achievements?

Currently Miller Canfield is the only international law firm operating in Poland to have three distinct offices strategically located in North, Central and South-West of Poland. Apart from the specialized knowledge and expertise of the firm’s lawyers, this factor is most often cited by our clients as one of the most distinguishing qualities of Miller Canfield.

We are the designated firm in Poland in the Employment Law Alliance, a network of the top labor and employment attorneys in the world – a powerful resource for clients facing local or global employment issues.

In 2013 Miller Canfield has been ranked as the #1 law firm in Poland in the 21 to 50 lawyers category by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

Lawyers in leading referral guides: Best Lawyers, European Legal Experts, Legal Experts Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Legal 500

How has the Chamber supported you to date and what more can we do to assist your needs?

We are relatively new member of the Chamber but appreciate platform of networking that the Chamber is creating and warm welcome that we experienced. We appreciate being part of such interesting and kind group.

We participated in very productive and interesting webinar concerning public tenders by various international donors organized by the Chamber (Business Opportunities Seminar with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development in cooperation with Enterprise Ireland and 2021 Economic Outlook for Poland) which we found very well organized and informative and can recommend to all members if similar webinar is organized in the future.

Thank you for making it possible to present and promote Miller Canfield during the month of March among the members, upon lapse of that month we will share our findings and potential further ideas concerning assistance that Chamber may provide to the members and ways in which we can contribute.

Thoughts regarding the business environment in Poland in 2021?

2021 will be a challenging, but also full of opportunities, year. We may face deepening of reorganization of business environment in the result of its accelerated evolution caused by COVID resulting in slowing down certain areas and vibrant development of certain new areas of economic activity. Polish economy despite pandemic and political situation shows its fundamental strength and presents a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs and paradoxically, current pandemic situation may result in opening more and more interesting opportunities.

Any advice for new businesses starting up?

Be optimistic and build on solid foundations of good legal advice!

Contact: Miller Canfield, ul. Nowogrodzka 11, Warszawa, 00-513
+48 22 4474 300
Miller Canfield
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