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A vineous family business !

The brothers Peter and Jan Pulawski grew up in Denmark and Sweden in a cosmopolitan family. They learned to appreciate good wines with small "sips", at a table often set with dishes, not only from their parents' kitchens - from Poland and Sweden, but also from many other corners of the world.

Peter began his career in the world of wine in the 80's while studying in Sweden. After arriving in Copenhagen, he developed and perfected his passion. He traveled a lot, visited vineyards and wine markets in Spain, Portugal, France, Austria and Germany. In total 36 years of experience in trading and living with wine. In the start of the 1990s, Jan and Peter moved to Poland, and in 2001 Peter founded the first shop under the name in Warsaw, then another ….

At we have wine "in our veins". We want to share the joy that good wine gives. In a simple, yet at the same time magical way, it affects the atmosphere of small and great events in people's lives.

We also express our opinions about wines in a friendly, simple, open and straightforward way. After all trust, honesty and credibility are the basis – when making quality of our wines and our personal relationships with customers, provide more pleasure and experiences.

Our wines - our suppliers. We specialize in wines that are tasty, delicious and exquisite. For, it is extremely important to offer only those that are worth the price. For us, the content of the bottle is more important than what the "wine world" thinks of it, what medals were awarded or who drinks it.

We are constantly looking for new wines that have "that something" that cannot be found in products from popular chain stores, supermarkets or discount stores. We sell personal and genuine impressions and feelings, and this helps to provide our customers with interesting wines at reasonable prices. In the wine selection process, it is important for us to know that healthy and ripe grapes were selected for the production of the final wine, and that the winemaker and his oenologists, working hard in the vineyard cellars, create fantastic flavors and authentic classy charcter.

Wine workshops – Wine education An obvious way to learn more about wine – how to enjoy wine the best way possible. Why not to enrich a corporate meeting with staff, partners or clients – or plan your birthday party – with wines in our our 100 year old refurbished horse stable (situated close to the Warsaw Airport) or at any place of your choice ?

You will have the opportunity to use the optimal way to appreciate aromas and tastes – using the ‘Retro-nasal-hiper-ventilation’ technique – master the vocabulary of describing wine – as well as learning about how light, glassware and food components influence the wine experience.

It is this personal contact that allows us to taste and transmit the passion, history and dreams we find in wine.

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