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Febo Logistic

Febo Logistic has been providing customers with the highest standard of transport and forwarding services for international road transport (including intermodal) continuously since 2007. These services include the so-called pallet, groupage and full truck loads.

The services we offer are not limited only to typical transport and forwarding services. We also provide clients with, among others full support in obtaining work visas for drivers carrying out transport in the territory of Great Britain, or legal issues related to the TSL industry.

As part of the services we provide, for many years we have specialized in transports (and their organization) between Poland - Ireland and Poland - Great Britain. The next stage of this specialization was the launch of a permanent line connection between Poland and Ireland in 2021, as a result of noticing the potential in trade between these countries.

In order to provide customers with comprehensive service, also in the legal realities resulting from the so-called Brexit, Febo Logistic, in addition to basic services, offers customers support also in the field of customs issues related to transport.

Thanks to the specialization and complementarity of the services provided, we are one of the leaders among Polish entrepreneurs from the TSL industry, providing or organizing transport from Poland to Ireland and Great Britain and back.

The goal of the Febo Logistic group is that for every participant in trade between Ireland and Poland, its brand is inextricably associated with professional transport services between these countries.

Regardless of this specialization, we provide clients with professional transport and forwarding services also for other transport routes, e.g. to and from the territory of Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Spain, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden or Italy.

As part of Febo Logistic organizational structures, we constantly invest in the development of both employees and technology - which applies not only to the implementation of transport using modern and specialized means of transport, but also other innovations, such as the already implemented application that allows the customer to track the shipment during transport, or a proprietary solution at the research and implementation stage, regarding an innovative sensor that allows to optimize transport services.

Only the combination of knowledge, experience and passion of employees and technology guarantees the provision of transport and forwarding services at the highest level, meeting the requirements of customers, as well as the continuous and harmonious development of every entrepreneur operating on the TSL market.

Febo Logistic team consists not only of specialists with extensive knowledge and experience, but also enthusiasts of the TSL industry, for whom Febo Logistic is an ideal environment for development and self-improvement.

Thanks to them and modern fleet and innovative technological solutions, the Febo Logistic group is a guarantee of satisfaction for anyone who decides to entrust us with their goods for transport (or its organization).


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