Headcount Solutions

Headcount Solutions

Why Headcount Solutions?

Choosing the wrong search firm will leave you disillusioned and frustrated, costing more time, money and mistakes that one can ill afford. We would like to present to you our company and our services. We believe that our approach and attitude will surpass your expectation and this will be the first step to build a lasting business partnership.

We have successfully delivered multiple projects across all of the CEE and Western European markets: Poland, Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux, Baltics, Russia, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Austria and the Netherlands, as well as the UK and Ireland.

Contacts: seamus.pentony@headcount.pl / Tel: +48 668 844 654

Can you describe your business?

An essential partner in sourcing Highly experienced skills that allows businesses to grow and expand across the greater CEE and European markets. Our expertise covers all aspects of manufacturing, real estate, construction and IT management, as well as commercial and financial skillsets to ensure that growth.

Why do clients choose your business?

Public recognition is one thing but client recognition is even more crucial and it’s because we deliver. Not only do we just deliver, we also to continue to stay engaged to ensure that we continue to add value. A comprehensive understanding of requirements, gained through 25+years of experience. There are no shortcuts to experience.. And the fact being in the Top Tier (Number 1 for many years) of search firms as recognised in the Warsaw Business Journal Book of Lists publication, is a reflection of our capability.

How do you add value to your client's wants and needs?

The old cliché of ‘outside the box’ thinking and approach. As we prefer to approach any partnership in a ‘what box!’ scenario.. It is a complete partnership in ensuring that objectives are not only achieved but continually surpassed. Thorough engagement through extensive engagement with continual ‘what if!’ scenarios being thoroughly evaluated and the impact it may have. The year 2020 made these continual evaluations and engagements even more valued and allowed companies to be a lot more agile and adaptable.

Do you have any new initiatives or promotions coming up?

Indeed we do.. Successfully completed assignments in 13 jurisdictions across various business sectors. Multiple nominations across various industry sectors and this was recognised recently.

We are also primary sponsors and supporters of the St. Patrick’s Charity Foundation which does amazing work across Poland in supporting various charities and support networks.

How has the Chamber supported you to date and what more can we do to assist your needs?

The Chamber is an excellent source of information and service providers ensuring that the best market knowledge is available and ‘someone you can talk too’.. That is invaluable’. Help and support is only a phone call (or a Teams call) away.. That is very reassuring.

Thoughts regarding the business environment in Poland in 2021?

The business environment will, I believe, continue to be stable. It is a very stable economy and the main advantage in Poland is scale!! A direct market of almost 39 million, it has a massive internal market which has proven to be very resilient. Continued FDI and it’s periphery to mainland Europe ensures it will continue to be a key player in an evolving EU post BREXIT.. Even moreso, I believe.

Any advice for new businesses starting up?

Understanding that compliance is a huge requirement, in every aspect.. From Investment through to Taxation, Data protection (GDPR locally known as RODO). And there are NO shortcuts here.. We, as business owners and Chamber members, completely understand this and can support companies in the ‘what NOT to do’ set up of companies. As I mentioned before, help is at hand and we are ever willing to share, help, support organisations/companies/investors in this regard. That is what we do. That is what we are here for and it is ESSENTIAL to get a ‘practical’ understanding of how things work. Again, no shortcuts to experience. In conjunction with the Chamber and their excellent network, the commercial section of the Irish Embassy in Poland, Enterprise Ireland’ are an excellent ‘go to’ team and have genuine markets experts to support and assist, as is the consular support through the Embassy of Ireland. They are extremely proactive and are extremely engaged in helping and supporting both individuals as well as businesses in connecting with the market.

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