British Primary School of Wilanow

British Primary School of Wilanow

Can you describe your business?

British Primary School of Wilanow (BSW) is an international primary school. Our school is aimed at the internationally-minded community in Warsaw who seek an international education through English. Our school is a fully compliant member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS). It is also registered with the Polish Educational Authorities, with some specific exemptions from Polish Educational Law. These exemptions allow BSW to follow the Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum delivered in English by British qualified teachers. BSW provides education for children aged 3 to 14 years old. .

Why do clients choose your business?

A typical BSW client, is an internationally minded family who seeks a likeminded school offering an excellent primary school education. A BSW family wants English as the language of instruction, and an internal educational experience provided by passionate, professional, international teachers. BSW delivers on all the above. With exceptional pastoral care, a quality educational programme, an outdoor Forest School programme and competitive school fees, our school continues to grow and prosper.


BSW provides a holistic educational experience that surrounds our students with opportunities to learn both in the classroom and beyond. The enjoyment of learning, self-discipline and challenge are fundamental elements of a BSW education.


Values are at the core of everything we do, and are expressed through our code of conduct, the Walk of the Lion.

∙ BSW Lions are respectful
∙ BSW Lions are considerate
∙ BSW Lions are noble
∙ BSW Lions are cooperative
∙ BSW Lions are courageous

How do you add value to your client's wants and needs?

Every family’s circumstances are unique, and it is the duty of our Admissions office to acknowledge what is important to each family and to ensure the family and BSW are well suited. The Admissions process is a tailor-made approach.

The personalised approach continues in the classroom with individual assessments taking place after enrolment and twice during the year. This is to determine the pupil’s academic level and social and emotional development. The lead teacher consults regularly with parents, and individual targets for the year are set up according to the results of the assessment.

The aim is for every pupil at BSW to achieve their potential through challenging learning, but without stress or excessive homework.

Parents are updated on classroom progress through the weekly class newsletters and the online learning platforms, Seesaw and Google Classroom. Our teachers respond regularly to direct emails regarding education and wellbeing, while our administrative team is on hand to assist with all other school-related enquiries.

Do you have any new initiatives coming up?

Construction work is on the horizon! BSW is embarking on the final phase of its building project. The expansion of our school will be extensive including additional classrooms, a custom-designed Early Years facility, extensive accommodation for the expressive arts and quality sports and outdoor learning opportunities. The plan is to open these new facilities for September 2023.

Does your Business have any surprising, interesting achievements?

BSW was the first school in Poland to receive COBIS Compliant member status. We are now in the final stages of completing our full accreditation membership.

BSW has an extensive Forest School Provision and Outdoor Education is a key part of learning at BSW.

In the spring of 2020, BSW and Kulczyk Foundation teamed up under the Yellow Plate Initiative to deliver over 10,000 meals for vulnerable children in need in Warsaw.

BSW’s comprehensive COVID 19 School Policy with 3 simple steps: STOP-PROTECT-REACT, has allowed the school to operate safely and maintain operation in these challenging times.

How has the Chamber supported you to date and what more can we do to assist your needs?

BSW fondly remembers the Chamber’s social events that pre-date Covid times, and we hope to have these face to face social interactions again one day. Meantime the webinars are a great source for promoting and networking with each other. BSW particularly appreciates the opportunity to promote our school, and its events, on the IPCC FB and Email, as this opens the door to the internationally minded community that BSW endeavours to support.

Thoughts regarding the business environment in Poland in 2021?

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, BSW remains positive. Poland has a vibrant and growing private education sector and we are confident that we will continue to expand.

Brexit does add some complications in terms of work visas for British staff and this adds cost and time but we can manage this additional burden.

BSW sees the international community continue to grow in Warsaw and we feel that our location in Wilanow is a convenient one for international families. With new transport links through the southern ring road and the Southern Bridge we see that our location is even more easily accessible.

We also feel that Poland offers a high quality, yet affordable, standard of living in Europe, and this will continue to attract international business to invest, and thus relocate their employees and families who seek English speaking, British and International Education.

Any advice for new businesses starting up?

It is very important for businesses, educational institutions and international schools in particular, to ensure compliance with Polish Educational law. Polish Educational Law is quite prescriptive and one needs to be very aware of the limits and restrictions. It is also very important to meet international standards and gain accreditation with Internationally recognised institutions, such as COBIS and Cambridge Assessment International Education.

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